Lena Emmertz is a Swedish contemporary abstract artist who has spent several years in Australia. She has been involved in creative expressions in art  -  music, batik, ceramics, woodwork, silver, collage, concrete  -  most of her life, now focusing in painting.
Her mediums are acrylic on canvas and concrete.

Her style is largely eclectic and leans towards abstraction. The works are characterised by their plentiful layers through which she achieves structure and depth that bring the paintings to life. Lena combines her interpretation of Australian light and colours with the crisp, pure qualities of the Scandinavian style.

Cover page Brazilian Magazine Canto Coral with the painting " Conductor and Part of His Choir". 2003 Cover page Premier Sydney Homes Magazine with the painting " Morning Glory". 2004

Lena's paintings have been featured
on the covers of the magazines
Canto Coral, Brazil and Premier Sydney Homes, Australia.

The paintings are in private and corporate collections in Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and USA.

You are welcome to view Lena's paintings in her studio in Malmö, Sweden.